Mikel Muruzabal Studio
Mikel Muruzabal Studio

in the third person

Mikel Muruzabal has spent the last ten years struggling for shooting what he loves: fashion, buildings and objects. In that time he has won seven awards, has exhibited his work four times, has been blessed with two kids, and has been ruined countless times. But he is still as daydreamer as ever.


That's enough of talking about myself in the third person.

I try to move between art and commerce, and I'm a specialist in shooting and blending photography with CGI. I am known for my creative retouching techniques and variety of styles depending on the subject. We work at the studio for an array of great international brands, advertising agencies and publishing houses in the architecture, design, fashion and still life areas.

My work has been published in quality magazines and books such as Phaidon, AD Architectural Digest, Vogue Spain, Pasajes Arquitectura, Neo2 and others, and featured many times at top creative websites as Fubizz, Adobe, Behance, Fucking Young, Wacom Gallery or AdWeek Talent.

The eye altering, alters all.
— William Blake

My personal work is almost completely dedicated to architecture of public spaces. I had framed and registered the architecture of cities like Bilbao, Los Angeles, Berlin or Benidorm and studied the relationship within the people that occupies it in large scale photographs.

An image maker since childhood, my way of doing creative things tries to show more with less. My aim is to create simple yet elegant solutions to every complex project. Along with the support of creative producers, videographers and assistants, I want to believe that all these things allows the studio to build log-lasting relationships with each client.

The studio offers photography, CGI, film, art direction, graphic design, and production services for national and international clients, including casting, booking of make-up/hair & styling, location scouting and full retouching services including CGI.



Awards /

FUJI ProMaster
2015 Club Figaro Awards
2014 Club Figaro Awards
2011 Club Figaro Awards
Cosmobelleza BC
Rincones de Pamplona



AD Architectural Digest
El Naturalista


 Playing "Blue Steel" with my little June at the Fashion Week Madrid.

Playing "Blue Steel" with my little June at the Fashion Week Madrid.